On Thursday 8th March at Bournemouth Collegiate School.

The challenge this year was to design a space shuttle that can fly three meters and release a capsule with a parachute safely back to ground. Numerous schools took part in the day long exercise involving 142 students from all around the area with teams from Key Stages 3, 4 and 5.

Judges deliberated over the results and awarded them as follows:

Key Stage 3: 3rd Place – Twynham | 2nd Place – Ringwood | 1st Place – Ringwood

Key Stage 4: 3rd Place – Grange | 2nd Place – Harewood | 1st Place – Twynham

Key Stage 5: 3rd Place – BSG | 2nd Place – Twynham | 1st Place – RingwoodRingwood Year 9 girls team: Emma Cooper, Jessica Devereux, Jessica Gollop, and Jemima Urquhart-Barham.

Ringwood Year 9 boys team: Flynn Atkins, Harry Breckon, Matt Robb and Luke Symonds.

Ringwood Sixth Form team: Alisha Coombes, Ellie Edwards, Chris Legg and Callum Redfern.

Congratulations to all who took part, and a massive thank you to the Rotary Club.