Ringwood School were delighted to award over 50 of our students with the prestigious Ringwood ‘scholar status’ at a recent celebration assembly.

All of these students from Years 7-10 have demonstrated the following scholar characteristics in four or more subjects:
• An academic curiosity to find out more and to want to make themselves an expert in their subject, beyond what is studied in the classroom
• A willingness to question or to challenge themselves to create greater knowledge
• An interest in participating in discussion, to push their understanding forward
• An ability to pursue new understanding, by having a pro-active approach to the subject, in looking ahead and anticipating ideas
• A habit of reviewing and reflecting on what they have learned
• An ability to synthesise ideas, fitting them into a wider schema and compare to other things that they know
• A desire to widen their vocabulary, so that they can use ‘the language of the subject’
• A growing ability to evaluate different sources, to distinguish what is valid
• A pride in the work they completeCongratulations and keep up the fantastic work!