Inspired to teach

 supported to succeed

Clare Adams

Clare Adams, Deputy Headteacher

I am privileged to be Deputy Headteacher at Ringwood School Academy and have enjoyed 7 happy years working with the young people of Ringwood. I oversee staff training and development at Ringwood as well as leading the Teaching School, including initial teacher training. This is such an exciting initiative and one that sees me working closely with the Local Authority as well as other school leaders locally and nationally. No two days are ever the same which is one of the most interesting parts of the job. To be effective in my role I have to be an excellent communicator with a good listening ear. I have to be able to prioritise my jobs effectively and be a master of time management. Not always easy! The opportunities that are available for teaching in Hampshire are vast and varied and with the county being flanked by coast and forest, there’s no better place to live to enjoy your down time.

Oliver Pauffley

Oliver Pauffley, RQT (Mathematics)

As a Recently Qualified Teacher and a Maths teacher at Ringwood School I’ve benefited from a whole range of CPD opportunities which have supported me in the classroom. My professional mentor has been excellent and I’m delighted that this support has continued through my RQT years. Teaching really is an amazing job, the students continue to surprise me on a daily basis. Hampshire is a vibrant and fun place to live and work. I can’t recommend it highly enough as a County to come and teach in.

John Cornish

John Cornish, Assistant Headteacher

I love my role as Assistant Headteacher at Ringwood School Academy, the school where I have enjoyed working for the past 8 years. The main focus of my role is to use data to drive school improvement and help young people achieve their potential. Our students never cease to impress me with their determination and desire to succeed. Year after year, one of the highlights of my job is to bring due attention to the achievements of students of all abilities; whether it be those achieving the A Level grades to get into their first choice university, or a Year 11 student passing their English and Maths GCSE and making the grade to get onto a really good college course that’s right for them, we are privileged to share in their success. Effective time management and well developed ICT skills are important in my role, as is clear communication and a good sense of humour. Beyond enjoying working with our staff and students on a daily basis, I love the location of our school in Hampshire: close to the beach and the New Forest, it’s a great place to live and work.

Sarah Cosgrove

Sarah Cosgrove, Senior Teacher (Mathematics)

I love being a teacher, every day is different, every student is special and every lesson is engaging and challenging. Being flexible and responsive to students’ needs and learning skills makes every day fascinating and extraordinary. Teaching maths and watching students grasp new concepts is incredibly rewarding. When you see a student have a light bulb moment and you know that you made it happen, it’s a great feeling. During my time as a teacher I have encouraged and mentored new teachers into the profession. Hampshire has so much to offer for initial teacher training, beautiful scenery, high class Universities and schools and the essential work life balance. What more could you ask for?

Kristian Sheppard, Teacher of Science 

I have always known that I wanted to be a Science teacher after being inspired by my A-Level Biology teacher. I have followed a traditional route into teaching, graduating from University and then completing my teacher training locally. I started my career at Ringwood back in 2011/12 when I covered a maternity leave within the Science department. I was assigned a mentor during this NQT year (a Science department colleague) which was invaluable. I left Ringwood, continued my teaching of Science in another local school and then decided to go travelling for 2 years. I later returned to a Teacher of Science position at Ringwood in January 2017 and I am thoroughly enjoying being part of dynamic and forward thinking Science department. I am in the process of buying my first home in Bournemouth and I am looking forward to experiencing coast living and working close to the New Forest – the best of both worlds.

Heather Jolly

Heather Jolly, Progress Leader Year 10 (Physical Education)

I have been a PE Teacher for five years and a Head of Year at Ringwood School for the last three. I absolutely love both of my roles in school; the pastoral work in particular is always varied and interesting – I never quite know what the day will bring! Due to the unpredictable nature of being a Head of Year, to be effective day-to-day I need to be organised and efficient with my time. I work closely with colleagues, students, parents and various outside agencies on a day-to-day basis, so being personable and communicating appropriately, professionally and efficiently is extremely important. I feel so lucky to live and work in Hampshire; with the New Forest and the beach both on my doorstep, what more could a PE teacher want? I always feel there are doors to be opened if and when I feel ready to progress further in my career and the support I have received so far has been exceptional.