Considering the current weather forecast we wanted to remind parents and carers of our procedures in the event of the school not being able to open.

In the event that conditions mean that school is closed before the school day starts, you will receive notification by text message by 7.00am and we will also post that we are closed on the school website and inform local radio stations Heart FM and BBC Radio Solent.

In the event that conditions mean that school has to close during the school day you will receive notification from the school by text. We will also allow students to use their mobile ‘phones to contact you. Please make arrangements with your child so that they know if they are making their own way home or whether you are planning to pick them up. We will have contacted the bus companies and will inform students travelling by bus if there is a problem with their return journey. Your child will be supervised in school until such time as there are not students left in the building, however our priority will be to get students and staff home safely.

We ask that you do not telephone the school to enquire if we are open. Our phone lines get very busy in the mornings and we will be making a number of important calls to ensure that all who need to know, receive the relevant message.

Thank you.