Wednesday 6th February 2019.

Update on ParentPay Payment System

ParentPay has advised this morning that the system is working, but still only intermittently, with some people being successful in making payments and others still not.  Since Monday, we can see that around 150 people have managed to upload money onto their catering accounts but there are many that are now overdrawn on their catering accounts, presumably because of ongoing difficulties.

In this interim period, we are proposing to retain the ability for your child / children to purchase from the canteen even without sufficient funds showing on their account, with this of course to be settled by parents as soon as the system is fully operational again.  

We would ask that you do try to put money onto your accounts through ParentPay and if that does not work that your child can apply cash to their account using the machine in Reception.  This will help to limit the overdraft balances in the period.

We share the frustration that this unusual system difficulty is causing us all.  If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this matter,  please come back to us on

Finance Team