Walking a Marathon to develop physical fitness and positive mental health.

Ringwood School is delighted to have partnered with Sport England and the Youth Sports Trust to develop opportunities, outside of PE for everyone to engage in physical activity. This year we are supporting the Virgin Money London Marathon by dedicating our morning to health and fitness.

Year 7 have been challenged in their first year at Ringwood to walk a marathon during their morning tutor time sessions. They need to complete 52 laps of the route in order to have walked the 26 miles. It is estimated that during the morning students will walk up to 6 miles.

Head of Year 7, Mr. Massimino said, “The aim of this morning is to encourage students to get out and about and be physically active. With the link to the London Marathon it also highlights the chance for young people to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.”

There is a clear link between being physically active and enjoying good mental, as well as physical wellbeing. “The focus on physical activity at Ringwood isn’t just about recognising talent in sport for a chosen few, but to provide a strong foundation for lifelong health, wellbeing and engagement for all”, says Deputy Headteacher, Clare Adams. In 2014, Public Heath England research stated “pupils with better health and wellbeing are likely to achieve better academically”. This is something that Ringwood School wholeheartedly believes in.

Mr. Massimino also said, “We constantly encourage students to be physically active both in and out of school. The physical, mental and social benefits are well documented and we hope to foster lifelong healthy habits.”