Ringwood School’s Class of 2022 Celebrate GCSE Results.

Well done to Ringwood School students as they collect their GCSE results today. This year sees the first set of GCSE examinations sat since 2019.  As with the A-Levels last week, students in this cohort have had to overcome several challenges during the course of their two year GCSE programme. During their time in Year 10, school closed for 8 weeks and many lessons since then have been subject to disruption as almost all students and their teachers have been out of school with Covid or in self-isolation as a close contact at least once at some point since the full return of school in September 2020.

That said, we have been impressed to see just how well students have risen to the challenge and have shown resilience and determination as they went into their exams. Due to this approach, today is a day of celebration for them and conformation that they can put their Post-16 plans into action. 28% of all Ringwood GCSEs awarded are at grade 7 -9 (old A-A**) and 72% of grades are considered “strong” passes (at grade 5+).  The average grade across the whole cohort is 5+. One key measurement for schools is the ‘Basics’ measure. This measure shows how many students get a 5+ or a grade 4+ in both English and maths. This year we are pleased to report that 62% of our students achieved a 5 or above in both English and maths and 81% achieved grade 4 and above in both key subjects.

Many of our subject areas are seeing particular success this year. Art, photography and textiles are again celebrating strong results this week following their great performance at A-Level last week. Students have done well in their Design Technology courses; English Language has seen a strong performance with a quarter of grades being awarded at A-A** level; PE, Geography and Languages have performed very well and in Science, as ever, students have often attained their best grades, with 30% of all students receiving the highest of grades in this double award (77-99). Maths is celebrating a similarly strong performance to Science.

It has been delightful to share in this success with students today, who were excited to get their results and thank their teachers for all of the help and support in preparing them for their GCSEs. We are pleased for all of our students and proud of them for how they have managed formal examinations after an unprecedented two years.

We look forward to welcoming many of our Year 11 students back into Year 12 at the beginning of September and wish good luck to every single member of the Class of 2022.