We run a House System alongside our current Year system. This drives all competition that appears in the school calendar. This means that each child is assigned to one of the five houses, and the School House system develops participation and leadership.

Students who achieve 250 House Points gain Platinum status and are invited for a special reward trip in the Summer Term.

Sarah-Faith Tihngang, a student at Ringwood School, won the school House Logos competition. She then worked with Sandie Wright to develop them, with Mr Fielder overseeing the whole project. The logos each feature animals found in the New Forest. The final artwork has been produced by ex-student Sophie Attwill, who is in the third year of her Degree in Graphic Design.

Hardy – Dream Big
“But his dreams were as gigantic as his surroundings were small” – Thomas Hardy

Thornhill – Embrace Opportunities
“I know no such thing as genius – genius is nothing but labour and diligence” – Sir James Thornhill

Nightingale – Make No Excuses
“I attribute my success to this – I never gave or took any excuse” – Florence Nightingale

Anning – Be Curious
“Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own”
– Mary Anning

Brunel – Be Determined
“Determination today leads to success tomorrow”
– Isambard Kingdom Brunel