Key Staff Contacts

Our vision – Inspired to learn, supported to succeed

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The Leadership Team

Leanne Symonds


Clare Adams

Deputy Headteacher

Rachel Heaver Webb Assistant Headteacher  Louise Wornell Assistant Headteacher
Michelle Barker-Garrod Assistant Headteacher Carla Bastow-Hart Assistant Headteacher Tim Broadhouse Assistant Headteacher Heather Jolly Assistant Headteacher


Pastoral Team

Sixth Form Team

Andrew Walbrin

Head of Sixth Form

Naomi Conacher

Head of Year 13

Chris Neale

Head of Year 12


Main School Heads of Year

Mario Massimino

Head of Year 7

Henry Nicholson

Head of Year 8

Kristian Sheppard

Head of Year 9

Tom Cooper

Head of Year 10

Sam Allsopp

Head of Year 11

Tutor list and names

Support Staff Team

Sam Coombes

Operations Manager

Richard Sismey

Head of Business & Finance