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Post Result Services

Following each exam series the awarding bodies offer a range of post result services. This information is released to the students along with their results. If a student can not collected their results. A nominated person can collect results, however they must bring written authority from the student and ID so we can release them. Results will only be posted if a stamp addressed envelope is provided.

Summer Exam Season 2021


Internal Mock Exams

Year 13 mocks

Personal timetables

Personal timetables are issued to students at least one week prior to each exam session.

Exam rules and regulations

Morning exam sessions begin at 8.50am Afternoon exam sessions begin at 1.40pm Some afternoon exams will start at 1.00pm, personal timetables will indicate this. All students should arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam. Where students have a clash of exams 2 exams may be timetabled one after another in the same session or one will be moved to an earlier or later session with supervision in between.


Should any candidate be absent for medical reasons on the day of the exam please ring the main school number before 8.30am and leave a message. Medical absences must be covered by a medical note and be given to Mrs Weeks within 3 days of the exam in order for the exam board to take the illness into consideration.

Bags and safety of personal belongings

ALL bags are to be left in the nominated bag room and will be unattended. NO electrical items are allowed in the exam room; this includes mobile phones and any kind of wrist watches. Ideally it is recommended that mobile phones are NOT brought in to school on exam days as the school staff ill not be responsible for the safety of such items. Only items authorised for each exam will be allowed such as the relevant text and equipment. Students should bring ALL of the equipment they require and should be in a see through pencil case – these are available to purchase from Reception. As a minimum students should bring; two black pens, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, rubber and calculator.

Information for Candidates 


JCQ Documentation

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