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This information is to support students at Ringwood School through remote learning.

The resources are designed to be used by students, following their normal timetabled lessons. This means they can access each subject area as they would during a normal school day.

Remote Ready Checklist (Strike Days)

Student work when a teacher is absent (Strike Days)

Ringwood School Remote Education Provision Information for-Parents

Remote Learning Info for Parents and Students 2021-2022

Remote education provision updated Oct 2022

Online Learning Etiquette

Parent Zoom sessions FAQs

Wellbeing Tips for Students

Staying safe online when working from home

Teams Live Lesson Home-School safeguarding statement June 2021

Remote Learning Policy Oct 2022

If you are unable to email work to teachers direct, please send to with who the work is for and we will pass it on.

We have provided a reading list for students as well and would encourage them to read each day.

Reading Challenges

Y7 Reading Challenges and Recommendations

Y8 Reading Challenges and Recommendations

Y9 Reading Challenges and Recommendations

50 tier 2 words for students to know

Online Revision Resources





Joe Wicks morning PE Lessons


If you are stuck trying to find anything please have a look at the help videos.

Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Maps 2022-23

Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Maps 2022-23

Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Maps 2022-23

Animal Farm by George Orwell Guide

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum maps 2022-2023

Year 11 (Post-16 Progression 2021)

Year 11 Curriculum maps 2022-2023

Foundation learning for Post-16 study 2021

Personal Development Remote Learning June 2021

UniFrog Big 50

Geeking out with UniFrog

Sixth Form Super-curricular

Summer Journal – InvestIN

Year 12

Lockdown Wellbeing Guide

Year 13 (Post-18 Progression 2021) 

Personal Development Remote Learning June 2021

UniFrog Big 50

Geeking out with UniFrog

Sixth Form Super-curricular

The Welfare and Safeguarding of students at Ringwood School continues to be our priority in these difficult times. Therefore, please do have a look at the following pages linked below where you can find contact details for the safeguarding team, along with other external support agencies should you need them. Please note, key staff will continue to monitor their emails. We have also updated our Emotional Wellbeing page with some of the latest support videos surrounding the impact of Covid-19 and self-isolation on mental health and wellbeing.

Wellbeing page                               Safeguarding page