Our vision – Inspired to learn, supported to succeed

Ringwood is a centre of excellence for meeting the needs of able, gifted and talented students. Gifted and talented students consistently achieve grades well above those of similar students in other schools. Our most able students routinely achieve A* and A grades at GCSE. Ringwood students are congratulated annually by exam boards for achieving marks in the top 1% of all students nationally. Every year in our Sixth Form, a large number of students secure A grades in all their subjects and entrance to the top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge.

In lessons, able gifted and talented students can expect:

A classroom ethos where it is cool to achieve and where academic excellence is respected. Students of a similar ability to work with and learn from. An increased pace to courses which cuts out the repetition of basic concepts and which moves students forward onto more challenging applications of these concepts.

Activities which allow students to study subjects in greater depth and complexity. High quality class discussions which engage students with higher order thinking. Greater breadth to the curriculum which takes students beyond the confines of examination courses and gives them a richer understanding of life and their world. Extension activities which enable students to take their understanding of work to a higher intellectual level. Opportunities to write at length, read at length and to speak at length. Creative space to experiment with different ways of framing enquiries and organising their own work to ensure that they become confident independent learners.

Beyond lessons, able, gifted and talented students have enrichment opportunities to learn with students from other year groups without the constraints of time. Students have the opportunity to work alongside students from other year groups who have the same interests – on competitions, projects and extra-curricular activities. Enrichment opportunities are outstanding in every curriculum area – in academic subjects as well as in sport and the performing arts.

At Ringwood School we value all students, not just as learners but as human beings and we recognise that able, gifted and talented students are sometimes more susceptible to certain pressures and problems than other students. Our mentoring system is designed to support our more able students to help manage pressure positively and to achieve balance in their busy lives.