Our vision – Inspired to learn, supported to succeed

Governing Body

Ringwood School Governing Body consists of 15 Members.

Governors at Ringwood School come from a wide range of business and professional backgrounds, and are therefore able to draw upon a variety of skills sets that we strive to use productively, effectively and creatively. All governors act as a ‘link’ between the governing body and different areas of the school, so ensuring that communication is clear and proactive. The Governors at Ringwood School are committed to excellence in Education at all times. As in all schools, governors at Ringwood focus on three core strategic functions:

1.Setting vision, ethos and strategic direction

2. Holding the school leaders to account for the performance of students and the performance management of staff

3. Ensuring the school’s finances are well spent

For further information please contact:

Chair – Kate Palka:

Company Secretary/Clerk – Susan Bennett:

Statutory Information:

Final Master Funding Agreement Annexes: including memo & articles

Final Master Funding Agreement

Register of Members 2017-18

Revised Memorandum & Articles 2016

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Ringwood School Governing Body 6 DIRECTOR GOVERNORS:

Mrs Kate Palka (Chair)
Mr Derek Scott
Mr Frank Van Hoof
Mrs Margaret Copplestone
Mr Huw Chapman
Mr Sean Palka


Ese Ono-Sorhue
Lisa Welch


Mrs Claire Pittman
David Shering
Julie Breakell
Kate Freeth


Annie Jenkinson
Louisa Hoff
Vicki Lewis

The Headteacher:

Leanne Symonds