Our vision – Inspired to learn, supported to succeed

The role of rewards in recognising and promoting Ringwood School’s 3 core values is a key part of developing the potential of young people by giving encouragement and praise.

Students are rewarded for:

Learning all they can

Achieving as much as they can

Help others whenever they can

Desired responsible behaviours and learning styles are best promoted and developed by positively drawing attention to and rewarding well behaved students showing the school’s learning values. Praise including verbal praise needs to be used appropriately, consistently, sincerely and link to tangible examples of a student’s strengths. Praise is a key component of good teaching and to good staff/student relationships.

House points

House points are given for a range of reasons, reflecting the 5Rs of outstanding learning, including:

Actively engaged in class
Great work showing progress
Outstanding home learning
Resilient approach to learning
Being resourceful in your learning by learning in different ways
High quality reasoning to work like a scholar
Reflecting on your work through excellent target work
Great contribution to school
Displaying positive relationships through excellent communication, team work and respecting others.
Weekly 100% attendance

Parents/Carers can log onto e-praise using their school log on and password at There are guides on how to use e-praise in the download > guides and tutorials. Please just note, we do not use demerits or currently use this for recording home learning on.

At the start of an academic year, students will have their house point total re-set to zero. Students can then work towards milestones through the academic year and students are encouraged to wear their badges on their blazer with pride.

​Staff, students and parents are able to log onto e-praise and see student totals, the subjects they have been awarded for and the reason why.

Alongside the rewarding structure of individual house points, there are other opportunities for being awarded a larger amount of house points through outstanding attendance and attitudinal checks, including a scholar award.

Alongside the rewarding system, students will have the choice on how to use their house points as prizes. Following student voice, the prize pot will include chocolate and stationery. Students are able to keep their points to save for “better” prizes. When students spend points, this does not affect the total towards the bronze, silver, gold and platinum milestones. Students are also able to donate all (or some) their house points to year group charity. At the start of the year, each year group will decide on a charity to support.

Alongside the house points there are also a wide range of inter-tutor competitions. Each term, each year group hosts a celebration assembly, which is often attended by governors. These assemblies celebrate the successes of the year group over the term and motivate students to strive for excellence.

Each subject also awards a “student of the half term”. This is awarded to one student across the school that has demonstrated exceptional progress and learning values in that subject. These student names are displayed in the “Gallery of Excellence”.

The Summer term celebration is an extended assembly where students are recognised within each subject for excellent progress and achievement across the year. In this assembly students will be awarded Learning colours.

Extra-curricular Colours are also awarded on two occasions across the year linked to Sport, Performing Arts and the school productions. Full colours (badges and a certificate) are awarded to those students showing a great commitment to a team or performance and representing the school regularly in a sport. Half colours (certificate) are awarded to those students that have shown commitment to attending extra- curricular clubs.

Recognising that attendance is vital to student success in school, each term a letter will be sent home for all those over 98% for that term. For those students with 100% attendance in a term, they will also receive a certificate. For those students that manage a whole academic year with 100% attendance, we host an attendance assembly in July where students receive a certificate, a 100% attendance badge and raffle tickets into a prize draw, which is drawn in the assembly.

The headteacher will also award Headteacher commendation letters for a range of reasons, including when students make exceptional progress or consistently display outstanding learning values.

Our highly successful PE department also host a “sports celebration” evening in the Summer Term to celebrate the effort and successes of our students.

Towards the end of each academic year, a KS3 and KS4 celebration of success evening is held to recognise those students displaying continual excellence throughout the academic year.