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Uniform is a statement of pride in the school, a statement of belonging and a personal commitment by the individual to the school. Our school uniform is designed to present a positive image of our school to both our local and wider community. Parents are asked to purchase items from the recommended school suppliers.

The school uniform must be worn at the following times:
• Coming to school and going home from school.
• During lessons.
• All students must ensure that uniform is correct and smart when leaving registration periods and between all lessons.

Ringwood School uniform is changing.

Please note that following a wide consultation exercise in the Summer and Autumn terms 2017; the Ringwood School Uniform is changing from September 2018. Here are the transitional arrangements:

Here is the outline of transition to the new school uniform:
Summer 2018 – new uniform available to purchase.
September 2018 – all new Year 7 fully in the new uniform.
September 2018 – July 2020 – all other year groups (Year 8/9/10/11) fully in either existing uniform or new uniform.
September 2020 – all main school students fully in the new uniform.

What does the new uniform look like?

Following our consultation exercises in the summer and autumn terms, the new uniform will be available with a trouser and a skirt version. The uniform will comprise of a grey blazer with green piping on the lapels with a grey trouser or green tartan skirt option. This will be worn with a white shirt and there is an optional green V neck jumper. In line with the desire to create equality amongst students, all students will be required to wear a tie.

I want to keep my child in the existing uniform- where can I buy it?

The School will continue to stock the existing black uniform until stocks run out. We will not be placing anymore orders. Please be aware that we do have a stock of ‘new to you’ uniform that we can also sell if you wish to remain in the current school uniform. We are hoping that when Year 11 students leave the school they might be kind enough to donate any items of school uniform that they no longer need so that other students might benefit from these during this transition period.

What about the sports and PE kit?

The PE uniform has not changed but there is no longer a rule that girls must wear skorts and boys must wear shorts. All students can decide whether to wear shorts or a skort. The kit is available as before from the school until stocks run out (no more orders will be placed) or from Stevensons.

Free school meals and uniform allowance 

If your child qualifies for free school meals (and therefore a uniform allowance in certain years) please contact Ringwood School reception on 01425 475000 who will be able to give you details of how to access the uniform allowance.

If you would like to apply for free school meals, please follow this link:

3F2A8548The existing black uniform and school sports kit uniform can be purchased from The School Shop:

139 Station Road
West Moors
BH22 0HT

Phone: 01202 893040

I have a child starting in September or I want to move my child to the new uniform from September. Where can I get the new uniform from?

Our supplier for the new uniform is Stevensons:

148-150 Seabourne Rd


Phone: 01202 425192


Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9.00am – 5.30pm; Saturday: 9.00am – 5.00pm; Sunday: CLOSED

Uniform is available from the store or online (this can be delivered to school).


The only uniform that will be sold in school will be the tie at £5.00.

For further details on our uniform please contact: or 01425 475000