Our vision – Inspired to learn, supported to succeed

Educational visits have always been an important part of Ringwood School and a number have been established for over 20 years. Departments offer a range of visits, day and residential, across year groups. These are advertised in a menu so that parents and students can see what is on offer in any one year and make informed choices.

So whether you take part in geography or history visits, engage in language exchanges, take part in maths or science special events or you are keen to participate in sporting events, there is something that will appeal.

Learning outside the classroom adds to deeper understanding and experience of working with others for a longer period of time. Some visits are local and no transport is necessary, others involve travel to places like New York or Peru. Each year opportunities arise for small groups of students to go offsite to attend and/or give presentations about something they are involved it. These are not calendared as we respond to invitations as they arise.

IMG_3420We follow national guidance for school visits to ensure our students are kept as safe as possible.

The national guidance about visits and the threat from terrorism is available here if you wish to have more information.