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Personal Development

Ringwood Sixth Form strives to provide an environment full of challenges and opportunities, both academic and personal. We have high expectations for all students and provide an environment that is intellectually stimulating and supportive. We embrace challenges and develop independence and self–confidence through close working relationships between staff and students. Beyond their studies we expect students to immerse themselves in the wide range of opportunities on offer so they develop as responsible, confident global citizens.’

There is a comprehensive and full  programme  that shows clearly the pastoral, enrichment and academic journey students at Ringwood School take. The programme reflects the schools curriculum intent through embracing the House values  and following the guiding principles of the VESPA model and a Growth Mind set.

3 core themes followed are ( PSHE Association Programmes of Study):

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. Relationships
  3. Living in the Wider World

A fourth theme, Learning for Life, directs and encourages students to develop their intellectual curiosity and study skills through a range of qualifications, experiences and opportunities. The sixth form leadership team develop a programme working with students and tutors that responds to topical events and issues as well as preparing students to manage their current lives and laying the foundations for managing future experiences.

We work with a wide variety of different organisations to enhance our Post 16 experience. Their time, support and expertise is greatly appreciated.