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Bring your own device Policy

Staff Acceptable Use Policy

Student Acceptable Use Policy

CCTV System Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Breach Policy

Data Retention Policy

Freedom Of Information Policy

Freedom Of Information Publication Scheme

Information Security Policy

Privacy Notice for Students & Parents or Carers

Health & Safety:

COVID-19 Wider Opening Risk Assessment – Autumn Term

Health and Safety Policy and Appendices

Medical Consent Form

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Supporting students with medical conditions policy

Hampshire County Council Access to Education for Students with Medical Needs 

Teaching & Learning

Academically More Able Policy updated Jan 2022

Acceptable use Mobile Technologies

Accessibility Plan 2021

Attendance Policy

Behaviour, rewarding and exclusion policy

Ringwood School Provider Access Policy 2021-2022

Communication Policy

Complaints Policy May 2022

Curriculum policy

Drug, alcohol and substance misuse policy

Educational Visits Policy 2021

Exam Access Arrangements (EAA) Policy

Home Learning Policy Sept 2022

Prevention of Bullying Policy

Remote Education Provision Information for Parents

School uniform policy 2022

SEND Policy and Info report 2021-22

Teaching & Learning and Assessment policy 2022

Word Processor in Exams Policy

Year 7 Literacy Catch-Up at Ringwood School

Remote Learning Policy Oct 2021

Teams Live Lesson Home School safeguarding statement June 2021

If you do not have access to the internet and you would like a copy of any information on our website, please contact: office@ringwood.hants.sch.uk and we can post this out to you free of charge.